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I can still remember very clearly the moment that I became interested in being a mistress. I was dating a guy that was much older than me. I was 20 and he was 32. I suppose that he was probably married, but we never talked about such things. I am only guessing that because he was only available at certain times. Things started off fairly normally but or sex got kinkier and kinkier as we went along. At first, he just wanted me to spank him some times, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Later that became restraints and me making him dress in lingerie. At first I thought that it was weird, but I began to love it.

Things just kind of faded away over time. He was never available and I had started regular classes at college. We didn’t actually ‘break up’ but rather dissipated. Of course, being a very sexual girl that had become a bit deviant, I soon found another lover. He was closer to my age, yet still a bit older. I asked him if he would be interested in doing some of the wilder things that I had learned and he looked at me with a blank face. Sex was pretty good with him, but I found it very hard to cum if I was not in control.

It was the time that I made him submit to my will that I realised. As I fucked his face with my swollen pussy while I was standing and he was seated and restrained, I gushed for the very first time ever. I had heard about female ejaculation, but this was an absolute first for me. I guess it was because I was so horny. I tried and tried again to replicate it, but as we never did the control thing again, it never happened.

One evening, after we had been out partying one night, we were watching a porn DVD together. A sequence came on that featured a mistress and her sub. I got so horny watching that I masturbated and squirted right then and there.

‘You are really into this mistress dom thing, aren’t you Roxy?” my boyfriend said.

“Is it that obvious? Can I tie you up and fuck you?” I asked.

“While it was interesting the one time, I am not sure that it is my taste” he said.

“Well then, perhaps you won’t be tasting me anymore” I replied.

It wasn’t long after that when I started working as a mistress. Like many other things, it just fell in my lap. My friend Candy was a dancer at a strip club and I would often go and meet her after work. One day I met a guy there that ran an agency that specialised in certain types of women. That is to say, the exotic and the kinky and so not your typical London Escorts. If someone needed something in particular, he knew the right girl (or girls). I started working part time and that quickly became not only my full time work, but my obsession.

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